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Yousef Salah

Environmental Control Systems (HVAC systems) are designed and created by a Licensed Engineers, using the required engineering knowledge to coordinate several variables in order to achieve the desired environmental conditions. This means, that when these engineered systems have to be worked on, the engineering knowledge is essential for the evaluation, testing, adjusting or modification of these variables. WHITE FROST CONSTRUCTORS, Corp. is a company specialized in the testing and certification of HVAC and Firefighting systems. Using the latest technology, standards and instrumentation, our specialized group of engineers and technicians perform all necessary tests and adjustments to certify, modify or design in order to obtain required systems performance found for industry, hospital and commercial applications. Due to the engineering support, WHITE FROST CONSTRUCTORS is capable to deal with unexpected situations where the systems components or design have to be altered with prompt action and effectively. All works are supervised and certified by licensed engineers specialized in this field and using standards and procedures of the most recognized agencies and related organizations for the testing and balancing specialization.
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22 Mohammed Youssef Moussa
Nasr City

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