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Tarek ali amin abo hemila

VISION To inspire, challenge and prepare all students to find careers that reflect their values and lead to lives of connection and meaning. MISSION To teach and equip all Wake Forest students to navigate the path from college to career with clarity, competence and confidence. VALUES RESPONSIBILITY Each person is empowered to take responsibility for his/her own job and goals and be a positive contributor to the products, services, goals, communication and team dynamics. We have a shared responsibility and accountability to speak up and take the initiative to maintain our team's strong foundation and also be a positive agent of change. INTEGRITY We act with integrity and honesty in the work that we do, the people we interact with, and in the decisions that we make. We are accountable to one another and to those whom we serve. OPEN-MINDEDNESS We strive to continually learn, improve, adapt, evolve and innovate in our products, services, communications, ourselves and our relationships with a positive, open mind and can-do attitude. SERVICE We want all constituents to have meaningful and positive interactions with the OPCD. We strive to understand our constituents' needs and provide personal and thoughtful service. COMMUNITY We appreciate the value and diversity of our team. We respect, trust and support each other. We realize we are a part of a larger community within and outside of Wake Forest and we strive to support and serve our neighbors whenever possible. BALANCE We value a holistic and balanced work environment. We strive for excellence and also take time for fun and celebration. We encourage individual and team behaviors that support a healthy and productive lifestyle.
  Contact: Tarek ali amin abo hemila
  Location: Egypt

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