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Ahmed AbdelZahir

Architecture and construction began with the birth of humanity and kept pace with its development and its diverse activities. When God created the vivid universe; and formed it to satisfy our functional benefits, He endowed each area with beauty that stimulates the mind and delights the soul setting the best example of construction integration for humanity. For not too long had man understood the message and followed its path. Architecture is a tangible and spiritual pleasure where both the recipient and creator enjoy it. Not only had architecture been related to human needs and was formed to suit his functions, but also it extended to his mind and beliefs; and was reflected in his attitude. Based on these facts and believing in these principals, SIGMA Designs was established in 2005 to cover all the architectural and construction services by the help of a harmonious team that build with enjoyment and reacts with the technology of this age while preoccupied with the ancestry of the concept and the genuineness of the idea.
  Design-Build Firm
  Contact: Ahmed AbdelZahir
28 El-Farik Abd El-Moneim Riad street

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Started business in 2005