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SAAB Design & Construction

Rasha Sayed

SAAB’s vision for next future years, is to be number one leading firm not just in Egypt, but in our region then to the all-world, fixing and manifesting architecture and planning as new language between mankind and universe. Building strong talented dedicated and outstanding team work in different fields in architecture, promoting professionalism, balanced technological design, technical capabilities and quality understanding of structure and construction. SAAB’s goal is to achieve natural built environment that preserve and construct the comfort, balance and security in human built livable environment throughout different design approaches that pounded with researches and analytical social sciences in cooperation with rich variable departments inside the firm. SAAB plans to construct and build a firm with different departments in order to serve the firm’s goals and transfer the knowledge to next generations, at the same time learn from these generations their ego to gain more approaches of practice not just architectural sciences but also their daily experience of inventing technology and ideas, SAAB hope to be always their destinations for progress and learning SAAB’s mission is to learn transfer and build a base of valuable livable balanced aesthetical architecture firm that enrich and serve people from all backgrounds as equal to create better world. SAAB intend to be leading firm in creating a livable space and manifestating a current – technological provisions of transferring space into place. SAAB approach is to build harmony between history, cultural, social aspects, and full integration with natural environment to participate in shaping the future of our world with safe sustainable livable communities
  Architect & Building Designer
  Contact: Rasha Sayed
Konoz El Nile Mall, El Nagda Station, 6th of October, Office No. 5

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Started business in 2008