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Greens Compound Villa 01 - DESIGN

  • modern girl bedroom
  • modern boy bedroom
  • dressing room
  • modern kitchen
  • landscape
  • modern living
  • master bathroom
  • master bedroom
  • reception
  • modern boy bedroom
Repose consultants
Repose consultants
Interior Design


730 m Villa located in 6th october , has an ethinic designs wonderfull selections . owner , Architetects , interior designers , civil engineer and craftsmen worked as a team and did thier best for this project . Unique solutions for your home through a personalized process to provide great design that improves the human condition , We are a problem solvers which combine expertise across disciplines, locations, and sectors.


Type of Work: Interior Design 3D

Style: Contemporary


Approx. Cost: 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 EGP

Location: El-Sheikh Zaid

Year: 2015