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Myan Alaa Rashwan

MARS, part of Pearls Enterprise Group. MARS’ team of Architects contains top notch experienced architects in the art of detailed Architectural design interior design, visualization and 3D animation creation. MARS promise its clients the best possible output when it comes to the quality. We integrate our raw artistic taste with the most enhanced technological applications in the field of 3D Rendering, visualization, interior design and Architectural Design to produce a functional, beautiful, realistic and optimized designs that meet our clients’ expectations. As important as quality means to us here in Mars, both time and cost are both very crucial elements that we always consider in our proposals to the clients along with the sustainability of our designs. We make sure you pay less every time you work with us not only to have your design but also the price it will cost to execute this design. Our main target here is to give an affordable, functional, environmental, sustainable and above all beautiful output.
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