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Karim El-Halawany

Our story With over 14 years of extensive experience with the world class Engineering firms in mega scale projects ( Towers, Hotels, Resorts, Residential , public buildings) in UAE, KSA, Egypt, Morocco & Greece, karim established his design studio in Cairo With highly qualified Structure & Electromechanical Partners to provide full Engineering Service. Your future house, office, café or restaurant. I see Design as a means to enrich the human experience. I think of buildings as places where humans experience emotion. Where they achieve creative breakthroughs. Where they have fun and comfort one another. Where memories occur. Design is creating the atmosphere to all of these experiences. Our main passion is to make it great, every single time. I think that things have to amaze. Our clients are daring and successful people, they are bold and modern; they like to stay ahead of trends, and work with the best. All our clients have one prevailing trait And always clients comes first
  Design-Build Firm
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Started business in 2004