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Sherine Salem

Founded in 2010, EA-DesignHouse has developed the idea of a small design studio into one more self-ambitious concept. At EA-DesignHousewe strive to exceed expectations by our responsiveness to the client's ideas, by our creativity, our uniqueness in design, and our professionalism throughout the development of the project to its completion. Our approach is a design process centered on the needs of our clients. One of the secrets to our success is listening to the clients aspirations and dreams and mix it with our expertise, resulting in a custom design that reflects the clients'​ own personal style, grace and vision. We specialize in Interior and Architecture Design Project management Construction supervision. EA-DesignHouseis a unique corporate that provides engineering consultancies in many sectors: • Urban design • Architectural design • Landscape design • Interior designs • Construction supervision • Projects management Insight: In a time when the market being based on cutting budgets and austerity, the design or consultancy service gets disregarded by the majority of business owners depending on self-awareness or skillful contractors that provides the “design-build” concept in order to meet their financial expectations. The company objective is mainly based on the quality of products rather than number handed to us, hence we are highly selective to the projects we commit to. We tend to support our clients with the Excellency of the provided service.
  Architect & Building Designer
  Contact: Sherine Salem
83, ElHoreyya Street, Heliopolis
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H.G Studio on the roof

We were asked to design a living studio, by extend


Style: Contemporary

Year: 2017

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Started business in 2010