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CUBO Design Studio Freddy William

CUBO Design Studio

Freddy William

CUBO is a design studio with the mentality and practice experience of a "Maker" studio. We cover a broad scope of architectural design and construction, site management, ecological adaptions, set design and delivery, and up to the optimum integration and the core of architecture through working on the deepest details of product and furniture design. Not just design to seem or feel, but also to work, and that's the big picture. Through our field of works, it has been all about the integration between functional needs with a deep study of materials, ergonomics, space, environment and needs again, along with a core value of non-compromising quality to the smallest detail. The Integration between the aesthetic and functional-sensitive design along with a team of highly skilled craftsmanship masters makes all the magic.
  Design-Build Firm
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Started business in 2010