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Islam Ghannam

Concrete innovations is a full service interior, exterior, landscape and construction company That has extensive experience in architectural designs , midrise ,commercial ,residential building and constructions . Concrete innovations is a part of AL-Ghannam firm which is for over 25 years has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of construction services The principles of concrete innovations worked in this field for more than 30 years and have earned a strong reputation among diversified group of clients In recent years AL Ghannam (LTd) firm identified a niche in the industry where an increasing number of client are recognizing the combining construction work with a cost efficient ,unique and chic design We would welcome any opportunity to provide a quote on the construction field or design-build work for any potential projects that you may be contemplating Our extensive experience is briefly interduced throughout this website . we are very proud of our reputation and our history Our relentless attitude of maintaining the highest quality workshop kept concrete innovations at the head of the pack in this field
  Architect & Building Designer
  Contact: Islam Ghannam
villa 104 ;st 17 , 1st district fifth settlement

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Started business in 2008