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Concept For Decoration by Thraa Refaat Arch Thraa Refaat

Concept For Decoration by Thraa Refaat

Arch Thraa Refaat

We are a private company that specializes in conceiving modern, high-caliber solutions for architectural design and interior design projects, launched in 2014, Cairo-Egypt. We work with architects, landscape designers, lighting experts & its specialist to create bespoke living space that complements our client lifestyle & taste. With our experience, we can deliver the most ambitious project. We have positioned ourselves as the choice for those who value quality, creativity, and distinction. Our design and supervision procedure are based on rigorous research and experimentation. Our wide spectrum of services includes professional interior design and consulting services from big companies to government agencies to very small companies. We have the experience and expertise to ensure the promised design concept is translated into reality, budget with desired quality & minimum disruption to business operation. we successfully executed various construction and interior design projects for a variety of clients, which includes corporate houses, public undertakings & individuals. We aim to help our clients to have a more resilient future by work hand-in-hand with our clients on design strategy and involve them in all the processes of development. Unconventional typologies are imagined and tailored to the context of each project to create a contemporary, high-standard architecture to enrich spatial experiences and provide an ideal modern-living environment. We aim to develop, design and implement the most innovative yet cost-effective solution for each project of its size whether it is fresh design or a total redesign to increase the amount of usable space. We understand that good design not only creates beautiful spatial experiences but also enhances modern living, a vision our firm was founded on. The idea of minimalism design is using simple & natural forms to create spacious rooms with a minimum of furniture and detail. We focus on each technical detail from designing a plan to the execution of design on-site with the latest technology, material.
  Architect & Building Designer
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188 west arabellah
5th settlement, new Cairo

Started business in 2014