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Amr Tawfik

We are a team of expert engineers; each one of us is specialized in different engineering aspects such as building construction, interior construction, finishing, interior/exterior design, and furniture. Attic Constructions launched mid 2017, after being established for more than 10 years in the Kuwaiti design/constructions market. Our methods are air-tight, and we’ve proven ourselves in other countries. Now we’re here in Egypt to join the active design/constructions market and prove ourselves. We believe in adapting to your surroundings and satisfying needs, this mindset promotes continuous improvement hence, our quality will always be up to par with international standards.
  Design-Build Firm
  Contact: Amr Tawfik
Villa 135 Apartment 2 Rd. 17 District 5, The 5th Settlement.
New Cairo.

Started business in 2017