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we are Abdou for marble and granite, a private company based on Egypt established in 2007 , we focused first to create a solid ground locally so we started to install marble and granite in the egyptian homes and recently we started expanding our work globally by exporting marble and granite abroad. the very remarkable experiences of exporting urged us to expand mote and more especially in the african continent . for instance we exported once to algeria 5 containers and benin .the second point to be clarified is our factory, it is located over an area of 25,000 meter, in the industrial city of badr our factory's capacity is pretty good as it includes 2 gangsaws , a 20- head polishing machine, other 4 manuals, 4 automatic cutting machines , other 4 manuals , two 100-ton winches ,a CNC marble art machine and 120 manpower. the factory's capacity is up to 60 containers per month.
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37 Almaza st, Helipolis

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Started business in 2007