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45 DEGREE is one of the most unique and innovative Interior firms in Egypt. We are dedicated to Concept, designing, Present. Our approach to Interior is strongly related to the history and its relation to the modern philosophies. We pioneered the sustainable approach to architecture through vernacular methods mixed with our futuristic vision for a better future. In 45Degree we look forward to contact people by their own languages. With combining our understanding of local clients and culture’s social, political, economic contexts, and our global expertise, we provide unique and creative solutions for our communities and clients alike. Our work is varied from product designs up to urban masterplans, offices and workplaces to private houses; because our belief lies in the essence of designing itself and its importance, how can it change lives? How can people affect it and vice versa? We want to touch the human needs and personal aesthetics to revive the true magnitude of architecture and reintroduce it to the public. One of our main concerns is the client’s satisfaction as well. We put into consideration the budget and the economy of the project, how to organize it, how to maximize profits and minimize losses. One of the factors we take into consideration while designing is the advertising and branding of the project to guarantee that our projects are delivered with a certain vision and message.
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