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2A Office of Architecture Abdelrahman Alaa

2A Office of Architecture

Abdelrahman Alaa

In 2009, 2.A Office of Architecture was established combining architecture and interior design. And with out any previous experience, clients, or portfolio 2A.A was born. After few pro-bono jobs, and with dedication to work 2A.A quickly become a known name in Egypt’s and Saudi Arabia's residential and commercials interior and architecture companies, and with inspiration and creativity at heart, 2A.A take risks and break boundaries to make sure it imaginatively and effectively utilize spaces than simply abiding by the strict conventional space divisions. 2A Office of Architecture had offered expert interior and exterior design and construction services coupled with uncommon personalized services and attention to detail, from preliminary conceptual planning to the finishing touch. As interior and exterior designers and construction engineers specialists in residential and commercial projects. 2A.A approaches each client and project individually with the goal of total satisfaction to reach the aimed results of exceptional and value enhanced exteriors and interiors.
  Design-Build Firm
  Contact: Abdelrahman Alaa
77 Safari, golf city compound, El Obour city

Started business in 2009