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Frequently Asked Questions

The below are the frequently asked questions (FAQs)
No, registered companies, non-registered companies and freelancer can register on Social Buildingz platform.
The price list is the Database every contractor has to make before submitting his/her offers to the clients. The specification (item description) is written and the contractors have to fill in the corresponding price.
You can update or add new pricelist once the prices should be updated. Also you can add the validity period of your prices in the basis of pricing tab
In Social Buildingz, clients can choose among 4 different categories of finishing which are Economy, Premium Economy, luxurious or Fancy. So it is recommended to add four different price lists for each category.
The BOQ generated from the website is a generic one, based that the needs that will be needed is the common finishing works which are flooring, doors and windows, paintings, electrical and Plumbing works. So after submitting your offer and getting in contact with the client, the actual Bill of Quantity will be done based on the site visit
After submitting the pricing offer to the client, their contacts appear to you and an email and SMS is sent to the client notifying him/her that an offer received through Social Buildingz. So either the client will get in contact with you, the best practice is to get in contact with the client within 2 days after submitting your offer.
By logging in to your profile, you will find a table containing all the requests you submitted before and also you can tick if you make site visit to this client or closed the deal with him and even you can review him.
There will be a continuous follow up from Social Buildingz to both Clients and Contractors for all updates, feedbacks or even complaints if any. Also, it should be noted that Social Buildingz depends on mutual trust between parties, so if any manipulation of any rules is spotted; the contractor account will be blocked and won’t be able to use the website services any more.
There are two main payment options, which are Fawry or using credit card. But if you face any problem, you can call us on 01277588804
By claiming that on the website and entering the contract price, a receipt will be sent to you on your mail containing the value you should pay and payment method. Kindly note, that Social Buildingz will take all its commission values from the advance payment regardless the method of payment you and the client agree upon with in the contract.
Z-Points are used to send offers the more you gain the more offers you can send. 1 Z- point is equivalent to 1 m2
At first, when creating your account on Social Buildingz, you will have 5000 Z- points for free, after finishing them, you can subscribe for new Z-packages. For more details please visit: Link
Rank Points are used to improve your Rank on the website the more Rank points you gain the better your Rank on the website.
There are different ways to improve your rank on the website; completing your profile add your previous work, making site visits to clients, closing deals and reviewing the clients you have previously submitted offers to them.
There are different actions you can make to gain free Z-Points like adding previous work (projects), making site visits, and closing deals. For more details, please visit: link

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