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How to decorate an apartment on Valentine’s day.

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Mon, 10/05/2020 - 03:44

Everyone who has couple is awaiting for the Valentine’s Day. We want to show you 5 nice ideas how to spend this day in a cozy atmosphere without leaving your home.

1.Rose petals

Just make a path from the entrance door to the place you want. It can be romantic dinner or hot relax bath. Your second half will be grateful for this surprise.

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2.Heart on the bed

If you prepare a gift for your wife or husband, you can put it inside of the huge heart in the bed. You can use rose petals or red stripes. In second case don’t forget to put some extra decoration as flowers.

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3.Romantic pillows

All the decoration stores in Cairo will offer you plenty different designs of pillow or cushion. You can use them even after in order to create romantic mood.

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4.Table decoration

If your main surprise is dinner, you should use special type of decoration. As an example use this picture

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5.Make a huge heart

Also, you can make a huge heart from flowers and put it on the door, as we do in Christmas eve.

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