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About Us

Social Buildingz is a digital marketplace with a bidding platform aim to be a medium between the People who want to finish their homes and professional Design Build Contractors who can do their dream homes for them with the fair prices of the market.


We provide the clients with number of contractors based on their previously submitted quotations. And the client may get in contact with them for site visit and detailed offer and hence the selected contractor can finish the client's home.


We offer clients the option of paying for their finishing in installments, and this is achieved through collaboration with Contact Company. So, this does not have to do anything with the Contractor as the contractor will have his money as per the contract normally. It is all with the Client, Contact Company and Social Buildingz.

i.e. Social Buildingz role is only to connect the client and the company who offer financial facilitations.


The website deals with two types of users, "Normal Users" those who needs to finish their homes by making a request includes but not limited to the area, location and type of their property, also the finishing category they need to finish within, and "Professional Users" those are the Design build Contractors who are willing to submit them their offers.