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Hany Saad Innovations

The highly intellectual work of Hany Saad Innovations comprehends the ideal combination of architecture and interior design as they provide everything from the initial design concept, construction and interior design to furnishing supervision and creating atmosphere where they embody this wisdom.  

Achieving huge successful eclectic projects along with overcoming great challenges, Hany Saad leads a team of talented designers and architects that take risks and break boundaries to make sure they imaginatively and effectively utilize spaces rather than simply abiding by the strict conventional space divisions. 

HSIs' work has been recognized worldwide and with innovation and creativity at heart, HSI aspires to become one of the region's biggest architecture and emblematic design companies making an 'innovative mark in the world of interiors and more, while most of architects' and designers' talents go beyond interior work, we are deftly pushing the boundaries of residential, retail and workplace spaces with smart utilization of the areas we inhabit.

Hany Saad Innovations design sensibility conveys clever solutions and visual identity in their projects that are characterized by expressive modern interiors, exteriors and develop the use of smooth geometries and refined materials.  With a distinct focus in the process of making, we employ and adapt to any new related technology to have the admired spaces and forms.   


Hany Saad Innovations

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